On the way to the optimal design of an aortic heart valve -or- discovering the obvious?

The results of following survey were presented at Qatar Foundation Annual Research Conference 2016 (ARC’16) 22nd-23rd March 2016, Qatar National Convention Centre, Doha, Qatar

The first task of tissue engineer trying to make a scaffold of a heart valve, is to adapt some model of a heart valve to establish target geometries and properties that should be recreated in artificial scaffold. The natural way to do so is to conduct literature research and find the current scientific consensus on the topic. Here the problems start, each researcher seems to have an individual opinion about optimal geometry of valve. What makes situation more complex is that each researcher has carefully chosen arguments to explain why that particular design is better than others. Hence, the consensus is not there yet, we chosen to contribute to this discussion. The analysis of available reports enable to “cook out” 2 distinguishable and to some extent contrary hypothesis.

1st –the optimal architecture of artificial valve is an architecture of native one (Prof. Magdi Yacoub).

2nd-there is not such a thing as optimal architecture of a heart valve, and never will be

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