Senior Scientist – Dr Albert Liberski

Albert-Liberski1Dr Albert Liberski is Senior Scientist of the tissue engineering group. Before joining the Center (2014) Dr. Liberski was a doctoral student with Professor Mark Bradley’s group at the University of Edinburgh. He worked on biomaterial development using inkjet printing technology and in-situ polymerization until 2009 and published several papers. He left the Bradley Group after his first postdoctoral contract to join Professor Schubert’s group at the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena in Germany. There he expanded his expertise in polymer science and plastic electronics. Between other achievements, he developed a tissue engineering method known as “organ weaving” based on connecting cell laden living threads into 3D objects. In 2010 he was awarded by Dutch Polymer Institute for his input in developing multiple innovation disclosures and five patents including: “Cell culture and process for preparing the same.” (WO 2012007078), “The co-polymers suitable for use in corneal bandages” (WO2008047160).

Subsequently, he moved to the Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar (WCMC-Q) where he was involved in a number of projects, including proteomic comparison of human embryonic stem cells and naïve embryonic stem cells, phosphoproteomic profiling of matched metastatic lesions from ovarian carcinoma, and proteomics studies on a “disease in dish” model of Parkinson’s disease. Through this research, he enhanced his understanding of biological systems and gained experience with cutting-edge technologies such as shotgun-top-down proteomics and SILAC labeling.

Dr Liberski will utilize his multidisciplinary background, to address the fundamental need to integrate knowledge of organic chemistry, cell biology, and mechanics in the creation of functional organs especially in the field of heart valve tissue engineering. His research in regenerative medicine also includes efforts in integrating new biocompatible materials, biosensors and drug delivery systems within the living construct.

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  • Helmut Goldmann 6 lat ago

    Dear Dr. Liberski,

    It´s been a while since our last contact and it would be great to get a short information concerning further development on occasion.

    Best regards


  • Tal Golesworthy 6 lat ago

    Dear Albert
    This looks very interesting……..Textile Technology has yet more with which to amaze…
    I looked at 2D embroidery through a soluble polymeric sheet which was dissolved away when the embroidery was finished allowing the remaining textile to assume a pre-determined 3D shape.As it happens, this process did not become the process of choice but it is yet another example of the power of textile technology.
    It still amuses me that my initial foray into textile technology was in the context of gas filtration fabrics for collecting particulate fly ash from coal fired processes (filtr tworkowy) and here I am 20 years later manufacturing bespoke cardiac implants from textiles! Glad to see you are doing well.

    Kind regards
    Tal Golesworthy
    C Engh MEI MRSC


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